Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey

Dry Fly is a craft distillery out west in Spokane, Washington. They check many of the needed boxes of small labels, like distilling their own juice and getting all their grain locally within a 30-mile radius.

On the nose, the whiskey is light, with the usual rye notes of baking spices and pumpkin bread. But the wheat brings a sweetness and lightness to the nose. Cake batter. A little dark chocolate. As the glass emptied a bit of skunky root beer.

On the palate the whiskey starts light but creamy. It has a medium mouthfeel, creamy but somewhat thin. I’m a little used to barrel strength bruisers, so this one seems tame but very pleasantly so. An interesting contrast presents itself here. You get the rye backbone, again with the cinnamon and clove spices, but then a sugary sweetness creeps up. Not like a syrupy bourbon sweetness, but a light confectionery sugar sweetness, almost like some rums.

The finish is fairly lengthy, asserting the rye portion again, with only the slightest of burns, rather dry, and the rye spices. In fact the finish is mostly rye. Way into the end of the finish you get small notes of sugary sweetness, but just slightly.

This is no simple whiskey. I have thoroughly enjoyed this offering. I find triticale a very enjoyable grain, as you get get some great rye notes but also a few wheater notes. I have a Beam 375mL Craft Harvest Bourbon I haven’t opened, but that has triticale second to corn as the grain. I think I’ll have to try some other Dry Fly offerings. They are an example of a coming-of-age crafter, and are supposed to release a 10-year later this year.

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